Learn More About the Different Grass Types

Fine-textured, flat leaves with distinguished white strands of hair (inset). Scaly stolons are flat with a dead, bladeless sheath in the joint
Yellow-green leaves with hairy edges rolled in buds. Coarse-textured, broad collar, membranous ligule and hairy sheath, flat blade with a sharp point
Blue-green color leaves with bent stems at their base
Tufted annual grasses with soft, light-green color. Leaves with boat-shaped tip, long ligule (inset), and are folded in the bud. Persists and produces seed at low mowing heights
Perennial grass with fine-textured, blue-green, and pointed leaves that are rolled in the bud
Coarse-bladed annual grass with leaves rolled in blades. Red to a purple compressed base, flat sheath, and no ligule
Clump growth with fine-textured leaves that are rolled in buds. Unique in the fine-textured grass species
Forms rosettes of flat stems that are silvery at the centers. Leaves that are folded in buds with overlapping sheaths
Leaf sheaths at the base of plants that are sometimes rough and hairy. Green to purple leaf blade with a prominent midrib
Blue-green, rough-bladed grass with erect stems and hairy sheaths. Leaves are rolled in buds
Annual grass that blooms in the sun or partial shade. Germinates at the same time as crabgrass. Round, erect stems with leaves rolled in buds. Prominent, hairy ligules. Flat blades with long, sparse hairs and a prominent midrib. Narrow and continuous collars. Sheaths that are reddish at the base. Bristly seed heads. Knotroot foxtail belongs to the same genus
Biennial grass with no selective control that tends to persist as a perennial species. Tufted weed with sharp, pointed leaves that are rolled in buds. Distinctly notched ligules and reddish base. Bulbous crown area resembles an onion
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